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Why A Real Estate Investor is a Better Option for Selling Your Home

At times, things can fall apart. It could be your childhood home. You’ve inherited it but it’s value is more nostalgic than tangible. You may own a rental property that, because of terrible tenants, has seen better days. It may not be your house at all, sometimes things fall apart in our lives. Divorce happens, jobs can be lost, and the threat of foreclosure can loom. In many of these cases, you may not need or want the home. You want the cash that can come from selling it. You may be asking “who can buy my home now in Raleigh, NC?” The answer is likely a real estate investor. Below are a few of the reasons why.

No Prepping Your House for a Sale

The traditional real estate market prides itself on appearances. Your home must have tremendous curb appeal, be immaculately clean, and have no noticeable flaws. Preparing a house to be sold can be time-consuming and expensive. Real estate investors aren’t concerned about how a home looks as much as they are concerned about the value of the property. No need to fix up the home, they’ll take it as is.

Get Paid Quickly

Here in Raleigh and throughout the country, houses can take several months to sell. If you are facing a foreclosure or another difficult financial situation, you may not have that type of time. That’s why when you need to sell your home fast, a real estate investor is a great alternative. They will assess your home and make an offer in short time.

No Fees

We’ve covered how selling a home can be expensive, but it goes beyond remodeling. Commissions, fees, closing costs, and other expenses can add up. When working with a real estate investor, there are no additional fees. Just an answer to the question, “who can buy my house now in Raleigh, NC?”

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