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Thinking of Remodeling Your Kitchen? Read this First. Part 1

Large scale remodels are on the rise, but are they worth it? Your current kitchen may be nothing like your dream kitchen. Maybe you want new stainless steel appliances, new cabinets, or just to replace your floors. What does a kitchen remodel entail for a homeowner?

Read our two-part article about some common kitchen remodeling tasks to find out what remodeling your kitchen could entail. Remember, when you’re thinking about a costly remodel, there are other options. Regardless of the condition of your home, we buy houses for cash in Raleigh, NC.

Replacing Appliances

New appliances can update an otherwise outdated kitchen. A stainless steel dishwasher, stove, microwave, and refrigerator can totally change the look of a kitchen. Most times, replacing appliances is pretty straightforward. However, anything involving water hookups, like a dishwasher or refrigerator can make a mess if a small installation mistake is made

Any lines carrying water from the pipes to an appliance can leak. If a water line has not been hooked up or is leaking, it may take a while to discover it. Most water lines are behind the appliance and the appliance may be bolted in. That means the leak could pool behind the appliance causing damage to the floor and walls, create an environment for mold, or attract pests.

Installing Flooring

New floors add polish to a kitchen and help solidify the overall look you’re going for. Installing new flooring almost always involves tearing out old flooring. When the old flooring comes out several discoveries may be made. You may find:

  • Damage to other parts of the home: Removal of some types of flooring, tile especially, can damage existing cabinetry or walls. This means you’ll need to replace them, even if you weren’t planning on it.
  • Subfloor damage: In a home with a crawl space, you may need a new subfloor or even joists to support the subfloor.
  • Foundation damage: If you have a concrete foundation you may find the foundation has settled in a way that requires leveling or repair before you can install a new floor.

Read part two of this article to find out about structural, financial, and planning considerations to make while remodeling your kitchen.

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