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Terrible Tenants: Is Renting Worth It? Part 2

Despite your best efforts, renting out your home may turn out to be a bad experience. Most people also underestimate the additional expenses that come with renting out their property. If you are tired of repairing damage that could have been avoided, hearing excuses for why payment is late, and chasing down tenants for payments, it’s time for a new plan. You may be wondering “Can I just sell my home fast in Raleigh, NC and move on with my life?”

In the meantime, we hope our article helps you decide if renting is worth it. This second part will conclude the series. Read part one for information on finding good tenants and avoiding the bad ones.

The Most Common Types of Tenants

When renting, you’ll come across a variety of personalities which will translate to a range of tenant behaviors you could be exposed to. These include:

  • The Nonpayer or Late Payer: This tenant is classic. They move in your home, evade your calls, and ignore any correspondence you send asking for their monthly payment. Their payments are unpredictable and the missed payments can quickly add up and become a financial burden to you.
  • The Rulebreaker: The rule-breaking tenant is one who doesn’t see anything wrong with breaking the rules. Your lease agreement or management agreement should have specific rules and guidelines that you expect the tenant to follow. For example, you may have a no pet or no smoking policy in the home but you may later find out that they have violated these rules.
  • House Destroyer: Tenants who damage property is one of the biggest complaints we hear about when speaking with homeowners. They may break things and put forth no effort to fix them. Typically, when a person doesn’t personally own something they may be less likely to take care of it.

Should You Sell Your Home to a House Buying Company?

If you’re at your wits end, you’re probably wondering, “Is there a way to sell my house for cash Raleigh, NC?” You’re in the right place. At Real Estate Solutions Providers, our mission is to provide you with a fast and stress-free way to sell your home. We are real estate buyers who specialize in purchasing single-family and multi-family properties from people who are tired of renting out their home and are ready to move on. You don’t have to pay us a fee, involve a realtor, make repairs to your home, or worry about a lengthy selling process. Get in contact with us today and we can have your home sold in as little as 7 to 14 days!

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