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Real Estate Agencies Don’t Want You to Know This Part 1

You often hear that it’s a seller’s market, so it should be really easy to sell your home, right? Well, that’s not always the case. In fact, unless you have a desirable home in a great location, that doesn’t need any significant repairs or improvements, it may not be so easy to sell your home.

The Secret Real Estate Agencies Don’t Want You To Know

Although the real estate agencies won’t be eager to tell you this, there are many reasons why buyers aren’t interested in certain homes. In this two-part article, we will cover many of the common reasons why your home may not be selling. Of course, if you are struggling to sell your home and you are thinking “buy my home now in Raleigh, NC,” there may be an instant cash offer waiting for your approval. With no commission or hidden fees, at Real Estate Solutions Providers, we purchase properties in any condition.

Is Your Home Show Ready?

Arguably the most nagging part of selling your home the traditional way is keeping it “show ready.” If you live in the home then this is not only challenging but it’s also awkward having to keep it presentable to potential buyers. If you have moved to another city then you will need to invest in cleaning and lawn services and perhaps a pressure washer or painter to spruce things up a bit. Should you keep furniture in the home or move it out with you? There are many annoying nuances involved in keeping your home show ready and finding a buyer.

Unrealistic Listing Price

Thinking someone will buy my house now in Raleigh, NC even if I push that listing price up a little bit? Think again. The biggest mistake many homeowners make is believing that selling their home in a seller’s market will get them their dream asking price for their home. The irony is that if they listed it at less maybe they wouldn’t still be paying for all of that upkeep while it’s on the market.

Marketing Your House

Who is taking the photos of your home for the advertisement? Did you write your own content to describe the home’s features? Hopefully, you hired a professional for these tasks. Of course, this is another overlooked investment in the selling process. Many homeowners decide to take their own photos or write their own description and it shows. If you do decide to sell your home the traditional way, make sure your home is marketed in a way that you would want to buy it.

If you are interested in more secrets the real estate market doesn’t want homeowners to know, please read the second section.

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