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A home can be left unoccupied for many reasons. No matter the reason, as the owner of the home, you are exposing yourself to risks and liabilities. If you are unable to live in your home, you need to find reputable people who buy homes in Raleigh, NC, fast! In the meantime, you need a strategy for protecting the property.

Risks and Liabilities of Vacant Property

Leaving your house vacant for too long leaves it susceptible to all manner of risks including vandalism, squatters, theft, and fire. If someone happens to trespass your property and succumbs to injury (whether they are innocent or participating in deviant behavior), you could be held liable legally and financially. Here’s how to protect yourself and your property:

Contact Your Insurance Company

An empty home is a huge liability. If you move without informing your insurer and a claim arises, that coverage will be denied. Contact your insurer before moving to see if a separate policy is necessary. Be sure to read the fine print as there may still be exclusions which could disqualify you from coverage. You may end up paying more money for the policy, but this is better than the expenses that could pile up as a result of damage to your property, or worse, someone being harmed on your property.

Always Monitor Your Property

Always monitor your property and make it look occupied. If your property looks empty, it will attract squatters and criminals. Enlist the help of neighbors and family to discourage this activity. Keep the property maintained and arrange to have your mail stopped altogether or picked up by someone you trust. If you live far away from your property or don’t have family or friends you can rely on, installing a security system with cameras is a great way to monitor your property. This way you can monitor your property at any time from your computer or smartphone.

Is Your Vacant Property Stressing You Out?

If you are spending precious time worrying about your vacant property, put your worries to rest because I buy houses in Raleigh, NC! At Real Estate Solutions Providers, we specialize in buying all kinds of homes from property owners who need to sell quickly to move on with their lives. No matter what shape your home is in, we’ll give you a fair price fast.

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