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Everything You Need to Know About Tiny Homes Part 2

Tiny homes are one solution to an American housing market that fails to provide affordable housing to a majority of the population. Although small in stature, tiny homes feature most of the conveniences of a traditional home in a sub-500-square-foot package. Although most tiny homes are manufactured, there is a market for custom tiny homes built to facilitate those with a strong sense of wanderlust. If your current home is old, unattractive, or expensive, converting to a tiny home is one way to rid yourself of your old home while embracing a more sustainable lifestyle.

In part one, we introduced the topic of tiny homes. Now, we will continue to discuss this topic while focusing on different types of tiny homes and the laws that govern them. Remember, if you’re thinking “I need to sell my home fast in Raleigh, NC,” contact the home buying professionals at Real Estate Solutions Providers.

A Tiny Home for Every Situation

Tiny homes come in a multitude of different styles and layouts to accommodate a wide variety of consumers. These tiny homes can come sparsely equipped with amenities or fully equipped with modern conveniences that make it simple to start living small today.

  • A-Frame Cabin: Tall, slim, and perfect for housing a guest or retreating into the forest, an A-frame cabin can be built in less than a month with a meager investment. It can even feature a wall that transforms into a porch.
  • The “Nugget”: This 100-square-foot tiny house features a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The Nugget sits on a single-axle trailer and weighs 4,500 pounds. With a solid pine siding and metal roof, the Nugget’s compact, modern design is truly an engineering marvel.
  • The “Wedge”: With the aesthetic of a luxury cabin and the mechanics of an RV, the Wedge is an extremely comfortable abode. High ceilings mean you never feel like you’re in a small space, and a large sliding glass window gives you clear views of wherever you decide to wake up. If you’re looking to be inspired by the design of a tiny home, the Wedge is a fantastic blueprint. However, it is pricier than other comparable tiny homes.
  • The “Sturgis”: This 170-square foot tiny home features a drop-down queen bed, modular sofa, a configurable “obsession space” that can be used for virtually anything, built-in maple cabinets, enormous windows, and custom garapa and galvanized steel awning.

What Laws Govern Tiny Homes?

The laws governing the use of tiny homes are determined by the local city, county, and state zoning regulations and building codes. If you are interested in purchasing or building a tiny home, the American Tiny House Association periodically updates their site with important information for tiny homeowners.

Tiny homes are a great alternative to traditional homes, and when you consider the fact that many tiny homes cost as much or less than a roof repair, selling your home to a cash home buyer and downsizing can be a quick way to rid yourself of an ugly or damaged home.

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