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Did Your House Listing Expire?

Here you are three months later and your home hasn’t sold. Your listing has expired and you’re left with empty promises from your real estate agent. Are you frustrated that your home didn’t sell and now wondering how you can sell your home for cash in Raleigh, NC? Read on to learn more.

How Long Was the Home Listed?

Homes are listed for different lengths of time. How long you list the home is up to you and your agent. In a hot market, a 30-day listing might make sense if other homes are selling within weeks. A 90-day listing is more common for a normal market. In a buyer’s market where homes sit on the market for more than two months, a 180-day listing may be ideal. This is because you want to pad your time in case your home goes into contract right when your listing is about to expire. If this happens, you’ll need to extend the listing anyway. Homes can be listed even longer for unique circumstances as well, such as properties that are very expensive which take much longer to sell.

Reasons a Home Doesn’t Sell

When signing a listing agreement with an agent you are filled with optimism about how fast your home might sell and the big profit you might get. When that offer never arrives and the listing expires off of the multiple listing service (MLS), it’s easy to get discouraged. The following reasons might be why your home didn’t sell:

  • Overpricing the home
  • Needs extensive repairs
  • Being inflexible on negotiations
  • Poor marketing of the home
  • Choosing the wrong realtor

A Fresh Approach May Be What You Need

If you and your agent agreed to list your home for 90 days, but it expires, you can either re-list your home again with the same agent (or find a new one) or you can try a different approach for selling your home.

Our real estate investors understand how thrilling it can be to sign a listing agreement; however, that excitement can wane drastically when a listing expires. If you’re stressing about how to sell your house for cash in Raleigh, NC, let Real Estate Solutions Providers help you. We are not interested in re-listing your property, we want to buy it instead. We provide straightforward, compassionate solutions for selling your property quickly. If you’re ready to sell your home today, we can provide you with a fair cash offer, just fill out our Instant Cash Offer form.

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