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A Dozen Reasons to Sell Your Home Today Part 2

In part one of this two-part series, our professional real estate investors discussed a half-dozen reasons why homeowners should sell their homes today including:

  1. Divorce
  2. Expired Listings
  3. Tax Liens
  4. Simple Sale
  5. Settle an Estate
  6. Reassess Your Investment

Now, we will discuss another six reasons why people who are thinking “I need to sell my home fast in Raleigh, NC” should consider selling their home to a professional real estate investor from Real Estate Solutions Providers.

7. Foreclosure/Short Sale

When a foreclosure notice arrives in your mailbox, you can’t waste time deciding what to do — it’s time to act. By selling your home to a real estate investor today, you can help receive financial relief in as little as seven days. If you can’t make your mortgage payments or are having issues paying back a lender, a professional homebuyer can help.

8. Home Damage

When your home has been damaged, whether by fire, floods, ice, or something else entirely, it can be extremely challenging to find a buyer who is willing to overlook this damage and purchase your home on the traditional real estate market. However, a professional homebuyer will purchase any home regardless of its condition saving you from the heartbreak of an expensive and fruitless stint on the traditional real estate market.

9. Vacant Property

In some situations, the homeowner has already moved on to a new home while their former house awaits a sale. Vacant properties such as this are often targeted by squatters and burglars which can lead to extensive home damage. Vacant homes tend to depreciate in value over time since they aren’t being cared for.

10. Bad Tenants

If you opted to rent your home to tenants in lieu of selling it, you might be distraught to find that not all tenants are good tenants. In fact, dealing with bad tenants can be a nightmare. If you don’t have the resources to ensure that they are treating your property with respect, it could cause the value of the property to decrease.

11. Relocation Assistance

Some homeowners are forced to relocate due to personal or work-related reasons. When this happens, you need to find a buyer for your home quickly. Otherwise, it could sit vacant while you try to handle a long-distance sale. When you only have a few weeks to sell your home, there’s a good chance that the traditional real estate market won’t suit your needs. On the other hand, a professional homebuyer can provide a cash offer in as little as 48 hours.

12. Out of Control Mortgage Payments

After navigating your way through the application process, obtaining an approval, and making on-time payments for years, your financial situation changed and suddenly your mortgage is a burden you can’t keep up with. There’s countless reasons why this happens, but the outcome is typically detrimental to your credit and future aspirations as a homeowner.

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