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A Dozen Reasons to Sell Your Home Today Part 1

Parting ways with your home can be a difficult thing to do, but there are many benefits to finalizing a quick sale if you find yourself in a situation where holding on to your home is no longer a feasible option. At Real Estate Solutions Providers, we buy homes in Raleigh, NC, regardless of their age, condition, or location. In this two-part series, our professional real estate investors will discuss a dozen potential reasons why you should sell your home today.

1. Divorce

When you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, one party is often forced to shoulder the burden of the mortgage on their own once the divorce papers have been signed. Sometimes, taking over a mortgage without the help of your former partner is impossible. If your mortgage is making it hard for you to support yourself and your family, your best course of action may be to sell your home fast for cash as listing a home on the traditional real estate market can take as much as six months or longer to close a sale.

2. Expired Listing

As we mentioned above, waiting for your home to sell on the traditional real estate market can take a long time. If you’re trying to get out of your financial obligations quickly, the traditional avenues for selling your home aren’t necessarily going to be the best way. It can cost thousands of dollars to repair and maintain a home that is on the traditional real estate market. When your listing expires and you’ve had minimal interest and no buyers, you can consult a real estate investor like Real Estate Solutions Providers to sell your home. We buy homes for cash in Raleigh, NC.

3. Tax Liens

If you’re facing judgments or liens on your property, you will be forced to contend with an array of stressful factors before you can finalize a sale on the traditional real estate market. You may become the target of aggressive creditors. With years of experience dealing with situations just like this, professional homebuyers can help you sell your home while dealing with pestering creditors.

4. Simple Sale

Every seller faces distinct challenges when selling their home, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Professional homebuyers specialize in streamlining the sales process so you can move on from your home without any confusing back and forth. Sometimes, the best type of sale is a simple one.

5. Settle an Estate

If you have inherited a home, you might become overburdened with the extra effort it takes to handle the maintenance of an additional property. Similarly, probate court can take as long as a few months to over a year to be resolved. If you aren’t ready to take on this load, you can consult a homebuyer who proudly states, “We buy homes for cash in Raleigh, NC.”

6. Reassess Your Investment

When you purchased your home, you may have done so with the intent to build value as an investment. Unfortunately, your investment didn’t pan out as you hoped it would. When the time comes to reassess your investment strategy, a professional homebuyer can help you free up the funds to try out a new investment strategy.

To read about another half-dozen reasons to sell your home, check out part two.

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