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4 Things That Could Be Stalling Your Home Sale

You may be thinking “I’ll sell my home fast in Raleigh, NC” because the market has picked up. However, no matter how active the real estate market is, you can’t take it for granted. Even if it’s a seller’s market, there are several factors that can stall your home sale.

You’ve Linked Up With the Wrong Agent

Let’s face it. The real estate market is the new career trend. There’s an influx of new agents who have not been vetted. If you aren’t very knowledgeable about the home selling process, you’ll need to rely on an agent who knows what they’re doing. Are you confident that they’ll handle tasks such as negotiating a good deal for you, inspections, mortgage documents, and more on your behalf?

The Price is Too High

Whether you’re intentionally or unintentionally overestimating the price of your home, this slows down the sale of your home. Signs that your home is overpriced includes, a lot of visitors but no offers, you’re receiving low offers, or the homes in your neighborhood are priced significantly lower than yours. Be flexible or lose out on a great buyer.

The Location Isn’t That Great

Location is king in the real estate market. Is your home in an area with great schools, does it have that walkability factor, and does it provide the conveniences that people often crave for their busy lifestyles? If there’s much to be desired about your home’s location, you may have some difficulty selling it.

Your Home Needs Major Repairs

For the most part, the average home buyer wants a home that is move-in ready. Naturally, some homes will need a little tender love and care, but other homes may be in need of major repairs. Repairs to the home’s roof, foundation, and wiring, among others, can be quite costly. This will definitely slow down the selling process, especially if your budget is tight.

Stop Wasting Time!

If life’s circumstances require that you speed up the sale of your home or the above factors are bringing the sale to a halt, you may be wondering “Can a real estate agent really sell my house for cash Raleigh, NC?” Yes, we are positive that we can help you!

The clock is ticking so don’t hesitate to contact our home-buying experts. We are professional and independent home buyers who can offer you cash for your home and buy your property in as little as seven days. There are no commissions or fees involved. Nor do you have to make repairs to your home.

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